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According to Tolkein, Rivendell is one of the last Elvin homes in the world. Several Elves still live here, although you probably won’t see them; they keep to themselves. But they are kindly and like Humans, when we aren’t being too noisy. They may let you see them, if you sit quietly for long enough.

We are very fortunate to have them here, so please treat them well.


  1. When arriving in the winter, make sure driveway is plowed BEFORE you pull in. If it is NOT, park across the street on the side-street and call Hilco Maintenance Co. at 970-468-5840 and they will come plow pursuant to our contract with them.
  2. Set the Thermostat in the laundry room to desired level and press "HOME" on the water shutoff control next to the thermostat.
  3. Adjust temperature on Hot Water Heater from coolest to hot (or desired setting). To find the water heater, go to the northeast bedroom and find the trapdoor in the closet. Lift it and go down the stairs. About two paces directly ahead and a bit to the right is a string hanging from the ceiling of the crawl space. Pull it to turn on the light, and you will see the hot water heater to the left. NEVER TURN THE WATER HEATER “OFF” OR TO “PILOT”. IT SHOULD REMAIN ON AT ALL TIMES.
  4. The Fireplace: read the instructions (they should be on or near the fireplace) and use common sense (e.g. three log maximum). Try to keep the flames away from the glass and keep the fire hot until most of the sap has burned – this will reduce creosote build-up. NEVER PUT WATER ON THE FIRE AND KEEP THE DAMPER COMPLETELY OPEN WHILE FIRE IS BURNING. If the fire becomes too big, let it burn down naturally. The glass is made to withstand extreme temperatures (and is VERY expensive), but not extreme temperature changes. The firewood is along the west wall and there is kindling in the southwest corner. There is a fire extinguisher next to the refrigerator. ALSO, since the cost of replacing the glass panes and glass door have skyrocketed, we have a "you break it, you bought it" policy on any broken glass.  Last time we purchased them, the panes were $108 each and the door glass was $197.87. Should you break one, you will have to take the broken glass (for dimensions) to The Fire Place, 1702 Airport Rd., Unit 1, Breckenridge, CO 80424, 970-453-2212, www.breckfireplace.com and order a new one and install it (their card is also taped to the refrigerator).
  5. Please Enter and Exit generally through the south mudroom (not through bedrooms). The west-facing sliding doors open by removing the 2x4’s from the tracks on the floor. Also, use only the deadbolts on the doors, as we have no keys for the locks in the handles.
  6. Washer and Dyer: Please read the directions carefully and wash and/or change the sock on the vent pipe and empty the lint trap after EVERY load.


  1. Set Thermostat in laundry room to 55 degrees and press "AWAY" on the water shutoff control next to the thermostat. This should be done last just before leaving as using any water after pressing "AWAY" will set off the alarm.
  2. Adjust temperature on Hot Water Heater to coolest setting. NEVER TURN THE WATER HEATER “OFF” OR TO “PILOT”. IT SHOULD REMAIN ON AT ALL TIMES.
  3. Lock the west sliding Doors with the locks and wooden 2x4’s on the floor.
  4. Refill the woodbin next to the Fireplace along the west wall with wood from the porch.
  5. Please Tidy Up the place by putting away any games, books, furniture, appliances, etc. in their original spots – although the cleaning service will clean, do laundry, wash the dishes, and take away the garbage, the Elves hate having things out of place.
  6. Close and lock all the Windows and close the Fireplace door and damper.
  7. Make sure all Lights, Appliances and Faucets are turned off and all dirty linen and towels are stripped off the beds and laying on the floor so the cleaning service will know to wash them.
  8. Please also mark the date on any perishable food you leave in the refrigerator or freezer so visiting Elves know what’s safe to eat.
  9. Put all Garbage in the mud room.
  10. Lock all Deadbolts on the way out and test doors to make sure the deadbolts are set.
  11. Make sure ALL outside lights are turned off.


Rivendell phone number: 970-468-6695
Steffen phone number: 847-903-3218
Groceries: City Market, 970-468-2400

Hilco Maintenance Co. for driveway plowing: 970-468-5840

County and Mesa Cortina regulations.

1.  Trash containers should not be visible from the road, except on trash pickup day.

2.  Exterior lights that shine on neighboring properties should not be left on overnight.

3.  All vehicles must be parked in a driveway or garage. There is no on-road parking.

4.  Excessive noise should be avoided.

5.  Local ski or hiking trails should be accessed at the trailheads. Renters or owners should not travel through property owned by others.

6.  Dogs must be either on a leash or under control and within 10 feet of a person competent to control them. 

Rivendell is a very special place for us. We have invested a tremendous amount of time, money, and emotion into it, and hope that you will treat both the cabin and its resident Elves with respect.

We hope you enjoy your stay at Rivendell!

--The Steffens

1058 Royal Buffalo Drive, Silverthorne, Colorado 80498
Phone: 970-468-6695